Hello. We are 11.

11 is a coalition formed by Siv Watkins and Jeff Holland, who offer a unique combination of scientific and social expertise: a microbiologist, and a clinical therapist. They are strong advocates for increasing research into plant medicines of all types, with an emphasis on recognizing the cultural and spiritual implications of the use of sacred plants. Respect and reciprocity towards plants is an important aspect of the philosophy behind their research. With 11BIOMICS, they are starting at the foundation: the soil. Ultimately, 11BIOMICS believes that plants have a long-established place in medicinal practice and that they should be treated as just that: medicine. We support the idea that part of the standardization and validation of the use of plants in western medicine is the production of the healthiest, happiest plants possible: supported from the roots up.


Jeff has over 20 years of experience working in the area of substance abuse prevention and harm reduction as a therapist. He has been involved in the Cannabis industry in New Mexico for the past year, via part ownership of a medical marijuana management company. He is particularly interested in ways that plants can play a role in addictions medicine.



Siv was awarded her Ph.D in environmental microbiology in 2011, and has over 12 years of experience as an academic and industry scientist in the UK, Europe and the US. Now, as faculty at New Mexico Tech, her research focuses on bacteria, fungi and viruses in soil, wastewater and freshwater.