We strive to help the most under-served communities in New Mexico by promoting a sense of connection to each other, to nature and to spirit. Proceeds made from 11BIOMICS will help fund our future community work in rural NM via 11FOUNDATION.

Addressing issues such as addiction, mental health, homelessness, trauma, etc. through non-traditional and traditional methods offers a greater chance of healing, growth and prosperity for the person, the community and the environment.

This is the intersection of science and social consciousness....where we all become one.

Jeff is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and offers services ranging from case management, service referral, counseling and intervention for children adults, families/caretakers, etc.
There is no one “right” way to address the problems many of us face. It is important that we remain open to exploring many options in order to achieve what our clients believe and identify as their best and highest outcome.

We believe in a client-centered, strength based and solution-focused approach.
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