Our Science

Utilizing the innate biology of the plant itself, 11BIOMICS offers options for stabilizing and optimizing the growth and productivity of medical cannabis in particular. We provide options for tailored examination and engineering of the soil microbes associated with the plant: crucial elements of health and sustainability. As part of a program of comprehensive scientific research we can offer characterization of important microorganisms indigenous to specific grow sites, and develop biological additives sourced from the soil already associated with the crop. Providing these services to growers at all levels will enable the cultivation of the healthiest, happiest plants possible: using only the microbes they already co-exist with in nature.

Microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) colonize everything in nature. Together, they form complicated communities - 'microbiomes' - which develop into sustainable, productive and stable populations that enhance every form of life on the planet. Scientists really don't know that much about environmental microbes in general....and while they certainly *are* everywhere, no single type of microbe is everywhere.

All microbiomes can contain unique members according to the life-form that they support, or the environment that they inhabit. They can be highly specialized. Because these microbial communities exist in a naturally acquired state of equilibrium, they are inherently robust. But, microbes can become sick, affected and altered by many different things - and when the microbiome is altered, this often has an impact on it's life-form/environment. For plants, this is particularly true of the microbial communities found in soil.

Mutually beneficial plant-microbe symbioses play a crucial role in sustainable crop production - these associations have developed over millions of years and together, the plants and the microbes know what they're doing! For many plants, scientists know something about how their relationships with microbes develop, and how they contribute to crop health, characteristics and productivity. Our research program examines these factors for cannabis specifically. Without ever touching the plant itself, we collect your soil or growth medium and we are able to apply this information to produce the healthiest, happiest, most robust plants possible for medical use.

The soil microbiota associated with Cannabis should be regarded as part of the plant itself. It's equivalent to an organ, and provides so much - 11BIOMICS offers heart health for these sacred plants.


biocontrol of powdery mildew and other common grow pests

soil characterization

a range of chemical testing

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