Our Philosophy

Plants are the oldest form of medicine. The medicinal use of sacred plants has been practiced by indigenous cultures with astonishing success for hundreds of years.
The scientific use of plant medicine in the treatment of afflictions such as depression, PTSD, and addiction in western models of medicine is nascent, but growing momentum. 11 strongly believes in the healing potential of plants - but we also understand that we exist in a gift economy with them, and we need to provide the equivalent of what they offer and provide for us.
The philosophy behind 11 is duality and reciprocity. In order to accept these gifts, we want to provide the most sustainable and metabolically powerful environment to the plants that offer so much to alleviate the suffering of our bodies, our minds, and the environment.
11 aims to work to nurture and maintain the connection between plants, the land, and people - in the name of healing.

11BIOMICS offers consultation, education and biological optimization of plants.

The proceeds made from 11BIOMICS will help fund our work with 11FOUNDATION.